Plantera MK2 is a fully-metalized re-color of Plantera

She has one stage that gets harder as she loses HP

HP-50,000-Plantera MK2, 1,000-mini-plantera

Defense-50-Planter MK2, 20-mini-plantera

Attack-60-Melee, 55-seed, 65-poison seed, 85-thorn ball, 115-mini-planteras

Spawn-Break a Metal Bulb in the Jungle with a Pickaxe/Drill of 190% Pick power or higher

Inflicts-Poison-75%, Venom-50% (both)

Immune-Poison, Venom, Confused, Obstructed (both)

Attack Pattern-

She will follow the player slowly (much like regular Plantera), and shoot thorn balls, seeds, and poison seeds. When she gets down to 10,000 HP, she will open her armor/bulb occaisonly to lay a baby plantera egg, which has 200 HP and 10 defense, which will then hatch, and follow an attack pattern to Plantera.


Run around her with a good ranged/melee (that can shoot projectiles)/mage weapon (melee-Ice Sickle, ranged-megashark/flamethrower, mage-rainbow rod/magical harp) and simply spam the weapon (and potions) as needed.


2 of the "one of the following will be dropped" on regular Plantera

2 Broken Armor Pieces (material for Refined Armor)

Flower Burst 50%