Destroyer MK2 is a red-and-black re-color of the Destroyer.

HP-1st Stage-100,000HP 2nd Stage-25,000HP, Probes-100HP

Attack-Probes-25, 1st Stage-Head-95, Body Melee-75, Body Laser-65, Tail-45, 2nd Stage-Head-150, Body Melee-115, Body Laser-110, Tail-75

Defense-Probes-10, 1st Stage-Head 15, Body-30, Tail-20, 2nd Stage-Head-0, Body-10, Tail-5

Spawn-Use Armored Worm at night, or see in the chat "You Feel Blood and Flesh Churning Deep Below" randomly once WoF has been defeated.

The Battle-

Two-Stage Boss-

1st Stage-Looks like regular Destroyer, except has small purple bits poking out and he will pop up randomly, although it should be noted that he usually pops up beneath the player's feet.

2nd Stage-Armor breaks off, revealing a bloody EoW, which has the same attack pattern as before, only it should be noted that he gains attack, but loses defense.


Tank-Get strong melee weapon (Dao of Pow or Ice Sickle works), and mythril/orchalcum armor and simply and fly over him, constantly raining damage down on him (please note that this method may take a while).

Ranger-Get good ranged weapon (Uzi works, along with exloding bullets) and good armor (adamanite/titanium works) and fly around him, while spamming the gun/bow on him.

Mage-Get good magic weapon (Meteor Staff/Crystal Storm works) and good armor (adamanite/titanium works) and fly around him, while summoning meteors and crystals on him.


30-60 Souls of Might

Broken Armor Piece (material for Refined Armor)

20-50 Hallowed Bars

Probe Gun